Robot Web Services
3HAC050973-001 Revision:K, Application Manual - Robot Web Services
Update rapid variable current value

Update RAPID variable. When updating a RAPID variable, mastership over RAPID is required. Mastership is taken internally on behalf of the client, if not already taken.





URL Params

action=set Required

See Common URL parameters

Data Params

value = {value_num} Required

Success Response

NO_CONTENT(204), see HTTP Status codes

Error Response

FORBIDDEN(403) BAD REQUEST(400) see HTTP Status codes Robot controller errors, see Robot controller return codes

Sample Call

Update a num: curl --digest -u "Default User":robotics -d "value=10" "http://localhost/rw/rapid/symbol/data/RAPID/T_ROB1/user/reg1?action=set"

Update a string: curl –digest -u "Default User":robotics -d "value=\"10"" "http://localhost/rw/rapid/symbol/data/RAPID/T_ROB1/MyMod/SStr?action=set"


Not supported in bootserver mode

Client needs RAPID mastership in AUTO mode. Client needs RMMP Privilege and RAPID mastership in MANUAL mode.