Robot Web Services
3HAC050973-001 Revision:L, Application Manual - Robot Web Services
Get File Service Resources

Returns a list of File System root resources.

The Root of the File System consists of devices in the File System such as C , D etc. drive on VC and /hda0, /bd:02 etc. on RC.

The Root also supports environment variables:

The following environment variables are supported:

  • Home
  • Release
  • System
  • Temp
  • Options
  • Backup
  • Internal
  • Syspar

    Within the URI, the environment variables are specified in all small case and preceded with the dollar $ character e.g. $home, $temp etc The list contains a list of all devices in file system, their type, available free space and total capacity of each device.





URL Params


See Common URL parameters

Data Params


Success Response


Example Response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<title>File Service</title>
<base href="" />
<div class="state">
<a href="" rel="self"></a>
<li class="fs-device" title="hd0a">
<a href="" rel="parent"></a>
<a href="hd0a" rel="self"></a>
<span class="fs-device-type">fixed</span>
<span class="fs-free-space">873164800</span>
<span class="fs-total-space">2068717568</span>
<span class="fs-enabled">true</span>
<span class="fs-readonly">false</span>


  • fs-device
    • fs-device-type One of fixed, removable, ramdisk, remote or unknown.
    • fs-total-space Total capacity of the media in bytes
    • fs-free-space Available free space on the media in bytes.
    • fs-enabled If the device is accessible, typically if you add a device before you set it as enabled
    • fs-readonly TRUE if read only else FALSE

Error Response


See Robot controller return codes

Sample Call

Get a list of root resources

curl --digest -u "Default User":robotics "http://localhost/fileservice"


  • Though root supports environment variables these are not listed in the returned response.
  • Environment variables are only allowed directly under the root URI i.e. /fileservice/$home
  • Supported in bootserver mode